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checkpoint 1-3 210

Checkpoint 1-3

1.eats slowly                                                            right
 2.listens carefully to the weather forecast                 right
3.can draw really best                                              right

 4.gets upset easily                                                  wrong
 5.feels badly if he can't do a job properly                right
 6.tries hardly to be on time for appointments           wrong

Natural features                                                         Building and structures
Volcano-Fuji                                                                 Office-Blue Sky
Mountain-Himalayas                                                      Bridge-Golden gate
 Waterfall-Red waterfall                                                Garden- The Rose
Lake-Baikal                                                                  Stadium- Yankee
Island-Bali                                                                     Square-Red(Russian)

        I've heard
        Have you
        at least
        we really should
        the coolest
        we sure did
        I've ever seen

1)What's the tallest building in this city? 
 2)What's the nicest park around here?
 3)Where's the best place to sit and watch people?
 4)Where's the most expensive restaurant in this city?
 5)What's the most delicious thing you've ever eaten? 
 6)What's the worst movie you've ever seen?
7)Who's the busiest person you know?

extremely generous,               completely talented,
 really disorganized,                extremely reliable,
really impatient,                      awfully arrogant,

checkpoint-4-6 210

Units 4-6 Checkpoint
  1. Parents shouldn’t let teenagers watch violent shows on TV
  2. Parents ought to make their kids read books every night
  3. Teachers ask students to do too much homework
  4. Parents shouldn’t help their children to do their homework
  5. Parents shouldn’t let their children eat too much junk food
  6. Parents should get their kids to eat more vegetables and fewer sweets
  7. We shouldn’t let young people drive cars until they’re 21
  8. We ought to ask all teenagers to do some volunteer work

When I was a kid , we used to visit my grandparents every month . They live two hours from out home , so we always brought some books to read in the car . I used to hate the drive , and I’d always complaining , so my dad would bought us ice cream . That was fun . When we got to my grandparents ‘s house . my grandma would always let us play in her yard . They had a swing set and grandpa would push us on the swings

My uncle George makes his living as a teacher .
He doesn’t make a lot of money, but he loves his work
My friend My friend Yoko does medical research

Cindy: What time does your train leave today?
Dana: I’m taking the 3:30 train . Oh no it’s almost 3:00
Cindy: Don’t worry . I’ll drive you to the station.
Dana: Oh you don’t have to do that . I’m call a taxi
Cindy: No way I can take you .I ;m going to the mall this afternoon . it’s not far from the station
Dana: Are you sure it isn’t a problem ?
Cindy: No problem at all . I ‘m going to meet a friend there at 4:00
Dana: Well , Ok . Thanks . I get my suitcase
Cindy: Yeah .  we have to leave right away
Dana:   OK. I‘ll be back ready in 5 minutes

1. It’s not healthy to eat too many hamburgers
  2. If you want to lose weight , eat very few fat
  3. If you eat too much fat , you’ll gain weight
  4. You should drink very little soda
  5. A little cheese every day is good for you

checkpoint-10-12 210

Checkpoint 10-12
There are two pots on the stove, so I think she’s been cooking. She already
Baked some cooking. She’s been writing a letter but she’s been finished it yet. There’s a whole pizza, so I bet she hasn’t eaten lunch. There are two CDs on the table, so she has been probably listening to music. Her paints and brushes are out, so it looks like she has been painting. She already has painted a vase of flowers.

      She must like pizza.               
      She might be an art teacher.
      She could like cook. 
      She may live alone.
      She can write poem.
1.      I’ve been taking dance lessons since I was a kid.                                                             –You must be good dance.
2.      I haven’t heard from my boyfriend in ages.                                                               - You must be hear your boyfriend age.
3.      I’ve been going out with someone for several months now.                                      - You must be going out sometimes.
4.      I’ve been working hard for May. I haven’t had a vacation.                                        - You must be relax weekend.


  A: Guess what? We have a new boss-Abigail Freeman. And you know
what? Things are going to change around here.
     N:  Really! So, have you met her yet?
     A:No, but I’ve the thing is heard lots of stories about her.  That must be,
she’s a “clean freak.” She hates clutter. So everyone is busy cleaning
and putting things away.
     N:I was wondering. So I guess we’re going to have to clean up this
     A:Actually,  I see if we could start now because she might come by later.
     N:Yeah. We need to make a good first impression. Already, every time I
clean up, I lose something
     A: Really? The only things frustrating! So let’s be careful when we throw
things away!
     N:Good idea. All right, let’s get started!

1.  A: Excuse me I was wondering if I could have more time to finish my
           B: Well can you tell me why you need more time?
      2.  A: I want to if you could bring ride airport.
           B: Yeah can you tell me why it need to bring airport?
      3.  A: I was wondering if I know her home to go here.
           B would you mind telling why need to go here?
      4.  A: I want to visit to Italy if I were enough money.
           B: OK Could you tell me why visit to Italy ?

Four cars were involved in an accident on the freeway this morning. The accident were caused by a truck that spilled hundreds of tomatoes onto the road. Fortunately, the drivers was seriously weren’t injured. Two people were took to the hospital with minor injuries. The truck drive was interviewed by police. The freeway were opened again two hours later.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

workbook unit-6 210

Unit- 6 Managing life.
1. Ahmed: are you doing.
Finn: I’m just going.
Ahmed: I’m going.
Finn: I’ll stop by.
Ahmed: I’m having.
Ahmed: I’ll wait.
Finn:  I’ll bet.
2. Leah: I’m going to take.
Mom: I’ll meet
Leah: I’m not needing. I’m getting
Mom:  are you bringing.
Leah: is coming
Leah: you’re going to like.
2 Let me check my schedule.
Millie: Hmm …. I can’t Saturday. I’m meeting I’m going to meet Greg for dinner (meet).
Millie: that won’t work, either. I’m having guitar lesson at 6:30 (have).
Millie: Sunday, I’m leaving for Dallas. My flight is leaving(leave).
Millie: I don’t know I’m call(call) on Friday to see what’s up.
Millie: let’s see …. Oh, Wednesday, I’m going to have appointment(have). Actually, you know what? Jenna canceled our plans to see an art exhibit tonight.
Raquel: sure. I well go (go) with you!
3 about you.
1. what are you going to go tonight?
I’m going to wash my clothes.
2. are you doing anything special this weekend?
I’m don’t have any appointment this month.
3. Do you have any appointment this month? If yes, who with?
I don’t have any appointment this month.
4. who are you having dinner with tomorrow night?
I’m having dinner with my friend tomorrow night.
5. What do you think you’ll do when you finish this exercise?
When I finish this I’ll go to play games.
 Lesson B problem and solutions.
1.    Make a living   = work to earn money.
2.    Make a good feeling = make someone think of you positively
3.    Make a duision   = make a positive change.
4.    Do your best   = try your hardest.
5.    Make up your choice  = decide.
6.    Make sun of  = make jokes about and laugh at
7.    Make  = make certain.
8.    Make misthan =  get something wrong
9.    Do the math  =  figure out the numbers.
10.                       Make  = seem logical.
2 Talk to you later. 
1. B. sure. Talk to you later.
2. B. no problem me too bye.
3.B.Ok I’ll catch you later.
4.B. ok. I’ll see you later.
5. B. yeah it was nice talking to you, too!
6. B. that’s Ok I’d go to.

workbook unit-12 210

Unit -12 In the news.
1. was closed, was found, were delayed, was connected, was removed, searched, was re-opened,
2. rescued, called, not hurt, took, rellased.
3. was broke into, were stoke, was close off, were interviewed, way saw.
2. More news.
1. They delay the game for two hours.
The game was delayed for two hours.
2. Someone stole a ring from an exhibit.
A here was stoke a ring an exhibit.
3. They canceled the rock concert.
The book was canceled the rock concert.
4. A woman found a wallet on a bus.
A woman pownd a would on a bus.
5. A an lost a violin at an airport.
A man last a violon at an airport.
6. Someone rescued a man from a fire.
A are mon  was resuted a men from a fire.
3 what happened?
A downtown jewelry store was robbed yesterday.
A sofa was opened morning.
A Lurcher was state jewelry state.
A downtown jewelry store was closed yesterday might
A police work took a lurcher.
A lurcher was broken into door.
Lesson B Natural disasters.
1. the region was hit by heavy rains earlier today. Several roads were closed because of flash floods.
2. Many farms were badly damaged by the ice from a freak hailstorm that passed through the area today.
3. parts of the country damaged by a tornado yesterday.
4. Airports were closed today due to hurricane Albert. Flights were canceled because of strong winds and rain.
5. the area was hit yesterday by a major aftershocks measuring 5.6 on the Richer scale. Earthquake were felt throughout the area.
6. Electricity throughout the city was disrupted by thunder and lightning from a severe thunderstorm.
2 what was the cause?
1. A fire was started by a candle.
2. A there was blew down by a hurricane.
3. A house was strike by afornade.
4. Forest were loused by a thunderstorm.
5. A car was crack by a hailstorm.
3 in the news.
1. the fire damaged the building.(partially)
The building was partially damaged by the fire.
2. The storm disrupted train services. (temporarily)
That services  were temporatily disrupted by the storm.
 3. Flash floods damaged several houses in the area. (badly)
Several houses were badly damaged by has it cool’s in the area.
4. A wildfire injured three firefighters.(seriously).
There fire lighters were seriously injured by a wild wife.
5. A tornado destroyed a small farm.(completely).
A small form was completely is destroyed by a tornado.
Lesson C Did you hear about ………..?
 Don: have you heard
Don: you know they.
Don: did I tell you.
Nadia: did you hear about .
3 the funny thing was……
1. Nothing was stolen.
2. they took my favorite CDs.
3. we all had a great time.
4. it rained.
5. the ending was the best.
6. it was really expensive.
4 the whole story.
1. Did you hear.
A: the best thing is.
2. did I tell you?
A: the funny thing is.

workbook-11 210

1. He must be learning to drive it could / might be his first lesson.
2. He maybe taking a drinking test I’m might be his first lesson.
3. She might be the best student she must feel proud.
4. She could be taking a hard test she could be herrous.
5. They must be the  winners they might practice a lot.
6. They can’t be the winners. They couldn’t be disappointed.
2 he must be crazy!
1. He (must be / can’t be),  He (might be / can’t be), He (must practice / must be practicing),  it (can’t be / might be), it (could be / must not be)
2. She (must be / can’t be), She (must not be / might be), She (must play / must be playing ), They(could be / must be), She (could be / can’t be)
3 about you
1. where do you think he or she is right now?
It’s Saturday afternoon, so he might be on the golf course. He can’t be at work.
2. what do you think he or she is doing?
It’s Friday, so she maybe free she boted.
3. how do you think he or she is feeling?
She might be with his friend sad.
4. what do you think he or she is wearing.
He must be with his friend sad.
5. who do you think he or she is with?
I think might be wearing coustorner.
6. what do you think he or she is thinking about right now?
I think she lould be thinking about bog friend.
Lesson B ups and downs
                      A  m a  z  e  d
                      A  n  n  o  g  e  d
                           e   x  c  I  t  I  n  g
    f  u  s  t  r  a  t  l  h  g
                            b  o  r  I  g
                             s  u  p  e  r  v  I  s  I  n  g
                                 s  l  a  r  y
                                                                                                                                                                                                    how might you feel the first time you try something new? Anxhous.       
1. Someone who upsets you or makes you slightly angry is annoying.
2. if someone gives you a present for no reason, you might be surprising.
3. if you have nothing to do, you might feel bored.
4. when you’re very afraid of something, you might feel scoried.
5. Someone who learns to speak 6 or 7 languages is truly excited.
6. when you’re going to do something fun, you are amated about it.
7 when you can’t remember a word in English, you probably feel Frustrated.
2 Good news, bad news.
Hey Emma
Excited (excite), interested (interest), pleased (please), fascinate (fascinate).  Jealous (jealous).
Lesson C that must be fun.
1. I’m learning how to design a web site.
That must be hard. Or you must be excited.
2. My brother always takes my stuff.
That must be annoyed.
3. I lost my wallet and credit cards at the mall.
You must be nerrew.
4. I’m going to climb Mount Rainier next month.
That must be interested.
5. I didn’t win the poeptry contest.
You must be disappointed.
6. My ex-boyfriend is dating my best friend.
2. Explanations
Walt: you see.
Reg: I leate.
Walt: I see.
Reg: Have.
Walt: I see.
3 An author in Paris.
Akina: you must be.
Omar: trusce.
Akina: that must be.
Akina: I see
Akina: you see.
Akina: that must be.
Akina: you must be.
Akina: I see
Lesson D Reaction and opinions.
1. who’s the youngest prodigy mentioned in the article?
William games was she youngest prodigy in the article.
2. what are three disadvantages of being a child prodigy?
Some wild probrges never experience a normal child tool.
3. what problems do some gifted children have with school.
It’s better to allon these children to she grades expects.
4. how do  some parents help their gifted children develop?
Some parents of gifted children provide a stimmlog onxition went they read to their children.
2 my child is a prodigy!
Dear Dr. Evans,
I believe that.  And I feel that he.  It seems to that.  My impression is that.  In my opinion,