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workbook unit - 2 102

unit -2  interests
lesson A 
1.      Reading             to read              reading
2.      To work out      to work out      work out
3.      Dance               dancing            dancing
4.      Drowing           drow                  draw
5.      Cooking            to cook             to cook
6.      Play                   playing             playing
Ex-2   At home
James:   exercising
Linda:  playing
James:   wathing
Linda:    try
James:   skiing
James:   going
Linda:   to swim
3.  About you
1. A What are you good at?
    B: well, I’m pretty good at learning languages
2. A: would you like to play a musical instrument?
    B: No, I wouldn’t
3. A : What movie do you want to see?
   B: Um, I want to see adventure movies
4. A: Is there anything you really hate doing?
    B: Yes, there is I hate washing.
5. A: What activities do you enjoy doing on the weekends?
   B: I enjoy going to the cinema on to weekends
6. A: What are you bad at?
   B: I’m bad at running and songing
Lesson B Music
All kind of music
1. folk music 2. Jazz 3. Hip-hop 4. Country 5. Pop
2 what’s new?
Hi Sam,
Guess what! My new job is at a music store. You know me I love listening to music.  It's a great job, and I really like  it__________________ (him / it).
So, what's cool right now? Well, the new Green Day CD is amazing! They're my favorite band. Do
you like    them____ (her / them)? My friends like Usher. Actually, almost           Everybody_________________ (everybody /
nobody) I know is an Usher fan. But I don't really care for      him_______ (you / him). Gretchen Wilson is
cool. Do you know      her         (her / us)? You like country music, right? You know, I actually kind of like   it_ (it / them) now.
Oh, did I tell you? I'm in a band with my friends from the music store. They're really great. I want you to meet      them we play hip-hop But my family likes hip-hop  but that’s ok.
 What's new with you? Write soon. Kevin
3. Talking about music
1. A: Gwen Stefani is a great singer. She's pretty, too.
Do you like her ?
   B: Yes I do she’s amazing.
2. A: You know Justin Timberlake, right? I think he's great. What do you think of him?
    B: I think he’s great too.
3. A: You know, I'm not a fan of rap. How about you? Do you ever listen to it?
    B: No, I don’t I don’t like rap.
4. A: Hey, the band Outkast performed on TV last night. They're really cool. Do you know it?
    B: No, I don’t. I don’t know outkast.
5. A: My mom and dad love Sarah Chang. She's theirfavorite violinist. Do your parents like  her?
    B: Yes, they do , they love her.
6. A: Do you like Latin music? Jeff and I have tickets for the Shakira concert. Do you want to go with
    B: of course, I do, Shakira’s amazing
7. A:  I don't usually like country music, but I love the Dixie Chicks. Do you know him?
    B: No, I don’t. but I heard about him
4  About you
Do you like Alicia Keys? Yes, I like her a lot. She has home some great songs.
What do you think of the Rolling Stones? I think they are wonderful band
Do you like Mariah Carey? Yes I do I like her a lot
Do you listen to pop music very often? No, I don’t. listen to rock music.
What do you think of folk music? I think , folk music is boring.
Do you and your friends ever go to concerts? No, we don’t
What do you think of Marc Anthony?  Marc Anthony is good actor and nice singer.           
Do you know the band Destiny's Child? Yes. I don’t But not very well       

Lesson C I really like making things.
1. Jenny I really like your sweater. Is it new?
Keiko Not really, My mom knitted it for me last year.
Jenny Can you knit or crochet?
Keiko    No, I’m not really good with my bands. But I bake a little  But I bake a little.
Jenny Oh, did you make this cake?
Keiko Actually, my sister got it at the bakery.
But I like to make cookies sometimes. Jenny Me too. Do you ever make chocolate chip cookies?
Keiko Well, no I prefer to make peanut better cookies   My new boyfriend loves them!
2. Mike I want to buy a Yankees baseball cap for my brother. Greg Why? Is it his birthday?
Mike No, but he has a big cap collection
Does your brother collect anything?
Greg My brother? Um, no He’s lazy and just watches TV all day
Mike Really? Does he have any hobbies?
Greg Um, no he just plays computer games
Mike Oh, yeah? My brother is on the computer all the time. Greg Oh, does he do computer graphics?
Mike Not really, he cross and puzzles though.

No, not really
1. A. Are you into the internet?
    B: Not really. I don’t have a computer.
2. A: what a great photo! Are you interested in photography?
    B: No, I don’t have a camera.
3. A: I really enjoy my piano lessons. Would you like to learn the piano?
    B: Um, no thanks. I’m playing guitar
4. A: Look at these flowers. They’re so beautiful. Do you enjoy gardening?
    B: Well, not really. I enjoy tennis.
Lesson C
Ex-3 Yes and no
1.      A. are you good at fixing things?
B: No, not really. I’m not good with my hands.
C: I’m really good at fixing cars.
2.      A: Do you make your own clothes?
B: No. not really.
C: yes, I’m really make your own clothes.
3.      A: Does your best friend collect anything?
B: No, not really.
C: Yes, I’m really best friend called anything
4.      A: Does your teacher speak  Russian?
B: No, not really.
C: I’m really teacher speaking Russian.
5.      A: Are you into winter  sports, like skiing?
B: No, not really.
C: Yes, I’m really into winter sports, like skiing.
6.      A: Do you and your friend enjoy cooking?
B: Um, no. not really.
7.      A: Are your classmates into computer games?
B: No, not Really.
C: Yes. I’m really classmates into computer games.
8.      A:  Are you interested in photography?
B: No, not really.
C: I’m really interested in photography.  

4 about you
1. Are you into sports? Yes, I really like soccer and volleyball or no, not really, I prefer to do something artistic.
2. would you like to learn a new skill? Yes, I really like to learn it.
3. Do you have a lot of hobbies? Yes, I have a lot. For example reading books, listening to music.
4. Can you knit or sew? No, not really. I can’t knitting or sewing things.
5. Are you artistic? No, not really. I’m a teacher 

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