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workbook unit - 1 102

unit :1 making friends
home and family           school            free time
neighborhood                      class                   fun          
only child                              college               movies
parents                                major                  TV
1.    Are you an only child?  Yes, I’ m or No, I’m not.
2.    Is your neighborhood quiet? Yes, we are
3.    Do you live with your parents? No, I don’t
4.    Do you have a big TV? Yes, I do
5.    Do you and your friends go to college? Yes, we do
6.    Are you a French major? No, I’m
7.    Does your best friend like action movies? Yes, she does
8.    Is your English class fun? Yes, we are
Ex-2:  You and me
Koji: Hi. I’m Koji.
Isabel: Hi. I’m Isabel. Where are you from, Koji?
Koji: I’m from Japan. How about you?
Isabel: Mexico, from Monterrey.
Koji: Oh, my friends Manuel and Rosa are from Mexico, too.
Isabel: Really? Does  your friends here now?
Koji: No, they don’t not. Uh, I guess they  are late.
Isabel: Do the teacher here?
Koji: Yes, she does. She is over there.
Isabel: She looks nice. What is her name?
Koji: I think it is Ms. Barnes.
Ex-3:  I’m Rudy
1.   Is Rudy from San Francisco?
No, he’s not. He’s from Los Angeles.
2.   Are  his friends English major?
No, He’s English major.
3.   Do his friends study in the evening?
No,  they don’t. the are study in the morning.
4.   Is he from a large family?
No he’ isn’t He is from a small family.
Ex-4:  About you 2
1.   Name/ what’s/ first/ your? What’s your first name?
My first name is Kadirbek
2.   Full- time/ a /do /have/ you/job?  Do you have a job full-time?
No I don’t
3.   Does your  best friend live nearby?
4.   What do you do on weekends?
I go to sky on weekends.
5.   What’s your teacher like?
Yes, she is best teacher.
6.   Where do you go for fun?
I go cinema for fun.

Lesson B things in common
Ex-1:   what doesn’t belong?

1.   Apples butter mangoes strawberries
2.   CD jacket jeans sweater
3.   Black color green red
4.   Baseball basketball singing volleyball
5.   Cat dog fish pet
6.   Dessert juice milk water
Ex-2:   we’re the same.
1.   I’m a soccer fan.
I’ am too.
2.   I can’t stand doing the laundry.
I can’t either.
3.   I can sing karaoke all night.
I can too.
4.   I’m not a good cook.
I don’t either.
5.   I don’t like shopping.
I don’t either
6.   I love to swim in cold water.
I’m too. 
Ex-3: first date
Lesley:    I am too
David:    I do too
Lesley:  me too
David:    I can too
David:     me neither
Lesley:    I don’t  teither
David:     really?
Lesley:   I can’t  either
David:   I’m not either.
Lesson C  Do you come here a lot?
1.   Ooh, it’s cold. Can I close the wondow?
2.   You look really nice today. That’s a beautiful jaket.
3.   Boy, the food is great. And this cake is really wonderful.
4.   Is this your first English class here?
5.   Is it me, or is it kind of noisy in here?
6.   Hey, I don’t know you. Do you live around here?
4, About you
1.  A: I always eat chocolate for dinner.
    B: I do too or me too or really ? I don’t
2. A: I'm not a baseball fan.
   B: Im not either
3. A: I can't drive.
    B: I cant either
4. A: I don't have a pet.
    B: I don’t either
5. A: I'm allergic to bananas.
    B: But I m not
6. A: I can cook Italian food.
    B: But I m cant

Lesson C Do you come here a lot?
Starting a conversation.
1. A: ooh, it’s cold. Can I close the window?
             B: Sorry, I just opened it. I'm a little warm, actually.

          2. A: You look really nice today. Thants beautiful jasket?
              B: Thanks. Actually it's from China.

          3. A: Boy, the food is great. And this cake is really wonderful?
              B: Thank you. It's my grandmother's recipe.

          4. A: Is this your frist English class here?
              B: Yes, it is. What about you?

      5. A: Is it  me? Or is it kind of noisy in here?
          B: Yeah, it's pretty loud! Is this your first time here?
          6. A:  Hey, I don’t know you. Do you live around here?
              B:  Uh, no, I don't. I'm actually visiting from Guadalajara.
Ex-2   Um, actually,……
1.   A
2.   B
3.   A
4.   B
5.   A
6.   B
7.   B
8.   A

Lesson D making conversation
Get together and talk
1.   1-g
2.   2-a
3.   3-b
4.   4-c
5.   5-f
6.   6-d
7.   7-e
Suggestions, please!
1.  Dear Ben
  What are you your hobbies?
Take up a new sports or hobby start.
1. Dave I'd like to make friends, but I don't know how. Do you have any suggestions?
Take up a new sports or hobbies out what do you like to do and fain the club.
2. Niki I feel shy around new people. How can I improve my conversation skills?
Work your self by mirror and talk yourself and join the talk club.

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